Lamp BN-A 110

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Lamps LBN - A 110 (LED diode) are designed to illuminate reclining beds (auxiliary lighting during the examination of the patient, reading, orientation at night, etc.). The light is installed in the pipe holder in the corner of the bed with sliding aluminum spike with seal (standard diameter is 34mm). Arm of the light is molded, surface is washable. In the switch is built shining diode for easy orientation for lighting up in the dark. Power supply is of the safety transformer 230V/11, 5V - 1.6 A.

• minimum distance between the cover glass of the bulb and all flammable objects must be at least 30 cm
• do not orient the light of bulb shine directly into the eyes
• do not clean the lamps with organic solvents
• protect the light from impacts
• do not use the light in a humid environment
• do not illuminate a plastic cover of the ligt with UV lamp, the plastic can become brittle and crack
• disconnect the lamp from the socket when moving the bed
• lamp is not suitable for children and mentally disabled patients
• lighting supplier is obliged to check the customer´s diameter pipe holder in the corner of the bed and by the manufacturer ensure installation of corresponding sliding spike
• sliding spike must hold in the pipe tightly enough without the will in order to the lamp could not easily pull out and fall on the bed

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Lamp BN-A 110
Lamp BN-A 110
Lamp BN-A 110
Lamp BN-A 110
Lamp BN-A 110