About us

Martinásek Company was founded in 1994. Our Company capitalizes on the experience with the piece and small series production. We engaged for a long time in the development, production and distribution especially in the working lights. The Company makes custom-made production according to customer's design. It works quickly and with a warranty. This is a family business and it means that overheads are minimized and therefore products are at unbeatable prices. Currently, we manufacture and supply lamps and lights in particular for:

• sewing machines
• machine tools
• working and drawing tables
• music stands
• laboratory and examination tables
• hospital beds
• gynecological chair
• office desks
• cosmetic and tattoo workplace
• sales racks, shopwindows, etc.
• exhibition halls and galleries

We produce auxiliary supporting components for health and advertising of flexible malleable pipes Spiritflex.
Key Products can define the following keywords: sewing machine lighting, machinery lighting, machinery LED lighting, industrial machines lighting, machine tool lighting, flexible pipes, flexible hoses, lamps, lamps and lights, halogen lamps, lamps for machine tools, sewing machine´s lamps, lamps for health service, lamps and lighting, interior lightings.